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This is designed for OnlinePreneurs and Travellers, which is now available exclusively for Pinoys.

This is to connect with our kababayans all over the globe who would like to Earn from the Trillion Dollar Business and also learn more from it. You can easily access the exclusive Courses for Franchisees if you have officially Franchised any of our Online Travel & Tours Business Packages which are on A-Z.

This is also where the SATT Family are continuously contributing to the positive community we are most proud of. You can also easily access Customer Support on this Platform where you can easily track through your “My Affiliate Account Page” on this dashboard , if you are a Franchisee.

If you are NOT a Franchisee yet, check on the FRANCHISE NOW buttono as we may have a special offer on our Online Travel & Tours  Franchising Business Package. Claim it before it goes.

Now, if you love to travel, this is the best new hub for you to eye on the Exclusive Promos, Offers and Discounts on our Airline Tickets, Holiday Packages and many more..

You can easily inquire from our Sales/Marketing people to avail our PROMOS through live chat.

And most of all, you can become a big contributor in making our Platform more fun and colorful by posting your Travel Photos… and guess what?, you can win prizes on the Photos that you will be posting, Prize and Vouchers which you may use in purchasing your future Holiday Getaway package. So, are you ready to TRAVEL FOR FREE?

Stick around with ONLY POSITIVE POST. NO outside sellers are allowed here, we are sorry.

But again, let’s connect and lets build a better world.

Welcome to StarLegends Adventures World of Abundance.

Own Your  Online Travel Business for only Php 6990 Now , Limited Slots Original Price of  16K, first come first serve lang po…If you want to earn Unlimited Pro, this could be the Life-Changing Business Opportunity You have been waiting for.

 Earn as you live with pleasure and healthy lifestyle with your loved ones. Normally you have to spend P60,000 -P500,00”  to start a Travel & Tour Business, but again you will only pay Php 6,990 to StarLegends Adventures, reading ready n ka to start and earn.

 What’s the registration fee for?

6,990 pesos is the registration. You will have access to our Franchisee Exclusive Benefits in our Social & Learning Platform and Competitive All in One booking system -airline booking, tour packages worldwide and accommodations as well as mobile loading system.

Hindi mo na kailangan mag contact ng kahit na sino, kasi with your mobile, gadget or internet you can automatically provide the lowest Quote Possible na kung saan kikita ka. Also  Trainings provided to help you utilize the system and how to become a more competitive travel consultant.–will also provide training as to how to reach int’l market , and most of all ACCESS to our Social and Learning Platform which can generate your Passive Income in the long run.

 The Earning Potentials:

 Domestic Flights u can earn from 200-900 pesos Per Person Per Way ( you have the privilege to mark up in ur system)

Int’l flights 500-3000 per person per way.

 Tour Packages 200 per pax per way (u can mark up more if u want)

Hotel accom 200pesos per room per night

Bus -PhilTranco- 100 pesos per pax per way

Ferry-Ocean Jet 100 pesos per pax per way

Visa Assistance 500pesos per pax

Mobile Loading system

 ***Note we have Competitive Systems unlike other affiliated systems na mahal ung mark ups nila.

We offer a proven and tested All-In-One Booking System, plus Step-by-step Trainings para kahit from Zero Knowledge & Experience ay matutunan mong mapatakbo ang Negosyong makakapag bigay saiyo ng positive cash flow , at totoong pang long term.


We Also Have Our Affiliate Earning Opportunity:

As you promote the system to someone else using our ready marketing tools, you may earn either the Unli 500 or 1500 pesos per person, every-time you reach 25 referrals  you will earn 7,500 pesos cash bonus– unlimited. And many more Cash Bonuses and free travel incentives.


The system is renewable 2,990/year Pesos only (just for customer service and other expenses that the company would have to cover as well, including all your Unlimited Trainings na Normally Binabayaran sa Labas)

No stress on the DTI, Business Permit, Office, Overheads, and customer service because we will provide— you will Franchise the Business and learn proper strategies of how to be successful. All ready to go for you guys! You may easily aim to have an income of 10k/month , 50K, 100k/mo to 1Million/mo.


Main Objective is to bring the Philippines to the top rank tourist destinations in the world which covers a Long Term Positive Cashflow for Travel Business Owners like us.


Normal Value of Php 500,000 package of products and services —BUT IS ONLY 6,990 Pesos Now! Grab it before SLOTS FINISH.


IMPORTANT: Every Interested Franchisee Must Be A User of SATT PLATFORM before we can verify their Accounts As Official Enrollees.

Step 1:   Go on top of the dashboard and click FRANCHISE NOW or through a Sponsored Link >>

Register >> Add To Cart >> Fill In The Required Details (must be completed) >> Pick Mode of Payment >> Place an Order >>

Step 2:  Congratulations >> If NOT a member yet , Join in now In Our Social and Learning Platform >>Create a User Name and fill out other details

Step 3:  Check Your Email  >> For Payment Instructions

Step 4:  Confirm Your Reservation Slot  through the email from

  >> Upload Proof of Payment  and Send Back to the email >>
Wait for Instructions in your Email

Step 5:  Step 5:  Wait for Confirmation in your EMAIL. Once confirmed, sign back in our platform >>Start Your Journey to Success >> Go To Your Authorized and check the COURSES you were given access to

Step 6: Courses available are based on your MEMBERSHIP LEVEL– check your email.

Welcome Aboard! Never Stop Until You Get There!

Or Click link>>

Yes, we are 100% Legit. We are duly registered and is accredited by all the necessary gov’t offices as STARLEGENDS ADVENTURES TRAVEL & TOURS, especially with the Department of Tourism, and is a Multi-Awarded Company 🙂 

Feel to check our main website >>>

Please know, we promote Home/Online Business here that runs worldwide , and our main office is at Door 3 Tezon Bldg Marasbaras Tacloban City 6500.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

God bless!

Once again, we are happy to guide you all the way together with the help of our team, just please be coachable.

We look forward to welcome you. 

Total: Php 6,990 pesos only (LIMITED SLOTS ONLY!)



BPI Acct Num: 1359 2757 29

Branch: Ayala Cebu


 BDO Savings Account Name: AIZA B. MOLINA

Account Num: 000990318613

Branch: Tacloban City

 Contact Num: 09664859390


Office address: Door 3 Tezon Bldg Brgy 80 Marasbaras Tacloban City 6500

 Birthday: Sept 2, 1988


 To send through LBC, ML, PALAWAN & CEBUANA


Contact Num: 09159671967


Address: Tezon Bldg Door 3 Brgy 80 Marasbaras Tacloban City 6500

Birthday: March 17, 1989


 IMPORTANT: After payment is confirmed please

 Send Below Details to:

StarLegends Adventures by (your name)

YOUR SPONSOR’s NAME: (Who Invited Referred You)




(roaming or someone you trust that can help you with the business)

EMAIL: ( make new business email with this format.. (


TIN#: Photos of 2 Valid Ids:


When you register you will have your own  Travel & Tour Business na ang original price is 16,000 pesos pero ngaun ay 6,990 pesos lang on Promo.

Own Your Online Travel & Tours Business for only Php 6990 on Limited Slots only, first come first serve.

Mag ka ka access ka sa Exclusive Social and Learning Platform Franchisee benefits,wherein dito na rin provided na ang step by step tutorials accessible anytime and anywhere , also accessible even just by using your mobile and internet that will be given upon confirmation of your membership— training from basic to advance upang maging successful ang negosyo mo.

Mag kakaroon ka ng Access sa by Enrollment Courses
1. Starter Module
2. Premium Module
3. Messenger Bots (Automate Your Selling)
4. Facebook Ads 101 (get the clients you never had)

Online Live Webinar is done every other week /monthly. And you will have access to our TEAM & Customer support as soon as you become a member.

You can earn from selling the Travel & Tour Products and Services using your All-In-ONE Booking System na may Worldwide Airline Ticketing, Tour Packages, Hotels/Accommodations, Bus/Ferry Transports and All Network Mobile Loading. Plus sa package na ito may access ka sa Affiliate Program n kung saan as you promote the business, or you bring us referrals kikita ka ng automatic Unlimited 500/1500 Pesos up to 1Million Star Cash Bonuses. , you can use our AUTOMATED TOOLS na ibabahagi namin sayo once you become our member. It can help you earn unlimited income kahit busy ka.. Kailangan ay coachable and with right attitude so me and the team can guide you all the way.YMENT!

Bank Direct Deposit
Online Bank Transfer
Remittance (LBC, ML PADALA, Palawan, Cebuana)
Online Transfers (Remitly, WorldRemit)

Once again, just be coachable and we offer a great support to our Franchisees inside.

Nothing is impossible these days, including our Online Travel and Tours Business.

Again we promote an Online Business with Proven and Tested Products and Services in Travel & Tours that has no stock or inventory, so definitely can be done anywhere and anytime you want. All services can easily be delivered online. Even the Step-by-Step training are all accessible online, and coaching is done online too, with recording in case you miss it.

For the bookings— it is you who will run the business , and you collect the payment from your clients and can make a decision on what mode of payment is convenient for you.

For Affiliate commission we can easily send it to you through remittance or paypal which will be converted automatically depending on the conversion rate..

But once again , the company is here to provide you with all the training, guidance and support so you can run the business smoothly and successfully, you just need to be coachable. This is us leveraging NEW TECHNOLOGY.

Our All-One-System is prepaid, loloadan mo ito through Remittance, Cash deposit or Bank Transfer for you to be able to purchase the wholesale products and services inside the system including the worldwide airline ticketing, hotels, tour packages, visa assistance, all network mobile loading, ferries and bus transports. You pay the company through the system and your client pay you with the markup you charged or service charge fee.

Another way to earn is to promote the business and the company with all the ready materials that you can just easily copy or repost and earn the Unlimited 1000 pesos per referral plus all the star cash bonuses up to 1Million Pesos which we can send to you however way you want it.

Huwag mag alala because we will provide all the step by step training from basic to advance pra po ma enjoy nyo talaga ang maximum potential ng negosyo, basta maging coachable ka lang.

Commission from Affiliate is you advise us if bank deposit, remittance or sa booking system.. pag sa system, any amount in their system that is non withdrawable unless you sell tickets, or any products and services inside the One-Stop-Shop Booking Portal..

In Travel & Tour Products, you are the one collecting the payment so you send or replenish the principal amount, and you get your profit.

No we don’t.

You can provide quotations, do your marketing even without a balance in your system.
But when you are going to purchase something in the system, you must have the PRINCIPAL amount of the booking or anything you would like to purchase, either for your client or for yourself.

So for example the Airline Ticket is 5500 pesos , your service charge is set up to 500 pesos.. You need at least 5000 Pesos to book that flight.

So top up your system asap when confirming a ticket. The risk here with Airline Ticket it can change easily , which is why, even though we don’t require a balance  amount in your booking portal, if you can it is best to at least 5000 pesos to 10000 pesos in your system, ready for your upcoming bookings.

No Qualification Required really.
Lahat po tayo nag sisimula sa walang alam, pero lahat pwedeng matutunan ng isang taong pursigido, especially in our company that we provide almost everything all in one price lang. Again, just be coachable lang po and we are here to guide you all the way..

Full Name:
Contact Number: (if there is roaming in Philippines if OFW, this is best)
2 Valid Ids:
Tin #: (if in Philippines)

Bonus: One Free Access for your Assistant or Business Partner in the Philippines (not mandatory but would help your business if you want to scale up big)

No hidden fees.
Only the Travel & Tours System is renewable for only 2990 pesos every year.

Normally as a Travel Agent you have to always go through trainings to consistently deliver effective and efficient service and madalas may bayad bawat trainings, pero sa amin, once part ka ng company, lahat ng trainings ay for free na po.. shouldered by the company and the owner or assigned coaches conduct the training here and there. 

All online which is exclusive to our SATT Family, accessible anytime and anywhere you want 🙂 Also, you are saving already ON THE SHOP RENT, OVERHEADS PAY, RENEWAL FEES for PERMITS which is more than 5000 pesos yearly. So please be guided.

The renewal fee is nothing compared to the income you could earn if you are 100% coachable and committed to your goals.

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