How To Start Your Home  & Mobile Business That Can Potentially Earn Up To  P 80K In Just  One Day  By Just  Using Your Mobile Phone or Laptop and the Internet

in The Travel Industry

No Qualification & No Experience  Needed


It's a Business That Anyone Can Do Regardless of Your Age As Long As You're  Coachable and Willing to Learn.


Have You Ever Dream To Give Up Your Full-Time Job

As An Employee? Mas Gusto Mo Bang Magkaroon Ng Maraming Oras Para Sa Iyong Pamilya, Para Sa Iyong

Mga Anak, or Para Sa Sarili Mo While At The Same Time Earning? Would You Want A Life Na Masasabi Mong,


Basi kay Kim Kiyosaki, wife of Robert Kiyosaki, successful entrepreneur, financial advisor, and investor, "Your Full-Time Job Is Your Comfort Zone. Sumasahod ka either weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. But, the Real Financial Independence and Time Freedom, if that's what you are aiming for, is not going to be achieved from being just employed."


I completely agree with Kim....


Real talk!

 When we are an employee, marahil nababayaran natin ang ating mga bills, mga credits at nabibili yung mga kailangan sa buhay. But what happens when something comes up at hindi ka na makakapagtrabaho? What if you get sick? Would your boss or your company still pay you kung hindi ka na napapakinabangan? Or mayroon ka bang enough sick leave pay to cover your recovery period? What if you have no sick pay available and not enough savings to last you? How would you survive? 


Or, sabihin natin, oo may trabaho ka at natutugunan mo ang pangangailangan ng iyong pamilya, pero most of the time naman umu-uwi ka pagod na pagod na. And it's the same cycle everyday.

At kadalasan, sa mga important milestones ng iyong anak, if you are a parent like me, ay wala ka doon kasi busy ka sa pag tratrabaho. Wala kang oras. Hindi kaya maka pag leave ng work? Or worst is, you have to leave your family kasi ito lang ang nasa isip mong paraan upang ma suportahan ang iyong pamilya?


Here's what I know-- kahit may good paying job ka, whether single or married, with or without kids, lahat tayo ay may mga gustong gawin sa buhay na Hindi magawa gawa kasi walang time. And the main concern should be is--"Is s this the kind of life you would have forever? Is this what you deserve? Aren't we suppose to work to live, but not live to work?


For all types of people, without Financial Independence we are left with ONE or NO CHOICE most of the time. Which is really sad to think about.


What am I trying to get into here?


Allow me to start telling you my own story...  

I am a proud mommy of one who now officially runs my businesses from home and online. I am really feeling blessed kasi, it's a dream come true na nagagampanan ko ang aking pagiging ina, at the same time kinikita ko ang income goal ko upang matugunan ang pangangailangan naming mag ina.

Sa kasalukuyan ay naninirahan ako sa Melbourne, Australia as a single mom. I and my child go home to the Philippines almost every other month to see our family.

Super thankful ako kasi, we are able to live a comfortable life in spite na nasa high-cost of living country kami nakatira, at kahit mag-isa na lang ako ngayon. It's also fantastic to be able to save on my trips, dahil sa Home/Online Travel & Tour Business na itinayo ko na kung saan I am also earning my profits from.

Is this possible? Yes! I can tell you from my firsthand experience that "IT IS ALL POSSIBLE!."

Anyway, living abroad is not as easy as what others may think.

Most Filipinos believe there's greener-pasture on the other side of the world. But for me, and based on what I see with many, it's NOT really. Feeling home-sick is horrible. Mostly dito kayod kalabaw just to keep up with the life here... but again, paano kung hindi na kayanin ng katawan? 

 I was also just once an employee- working to get paid with a salary. I worked my way up. I have had several work experiences--from being a food attendant, housekeeper, call-center agent,  guest service officer, College Instructor, Sales Coordinator to Sales Account Manager. 

When I was an employee, it was a struggle waking up early. I am not a morning person at all, but I knew I had to so I don't get fired. May mga times talaga na hindi ko kinakaya at nag aabsent ako. And also I had this in mind, that the amount of work I do, whether I stay later than my normal hour, or finish work more than my scope, my salary stays the same. So I was asking myself, hanggang dito nalang ba ako?

One day, there was an emergency in our family na kung saan, ang aking lola, whom I call Mommy na isa sa mga nagpalaki sa akin ay naging malubha.

 I sent money to help with the expenses but I had so little left, and when I wanted to come home and see her even for the last time, I wasn't able to, kasi wala na akong enough na pera. Sobrang nakaka depress to be in that situation. It was a horrible feeling. I wish I knew a way that time so I could have had a choice and not miss what's important in my life. I wish I had that financial independence at the point.

To make my long story short..

One day I just woke up wanting to give up my Full-Time Job and do business instead. I have already been doing my side hustles since I was 20.I'm now on my 30s by the way. Mas nag pursige talaga akong mag business noong naging Ina ako, because I had my strongest why. Lumaki rin kasi ako with an OFW mom, and I know how it feels to have no-mommy by your side bilang isang batang lumalaki na nag hahanap ng kalinga ng isang ina. Though I knew na para iyon sa aking  future, still, it was a struggle growing up na malayo sa aking ina. Kaya I promised myself na kapag maging ina ako, I will do what it takes to be there for my child. I don't want to miss any of her milestones. At nag papa salamat talaga ako sa Panginoon because I found a way to make one of my dreams happen, at natutupad ko na rin ang marami ko pang pangarap sa buhay with my child and my family.

So yes, noong nag ka-anak ako I resigned fully from my full-time job as an employee. I done my Retail & Travel Business from home, when a very rare opportunity online popped on my newsfeed, offering too good to be true results-- "like kikita raw kahit natutulog!" ... but I got really curious.

I was doing well with my own business that time, but of course, I wasn't closing my doors to opportunities that would help me grow my business even more and grow my income more.

But you know what,  I was a bit skeptical at the beginning...

First, because there are so many opportunities online that are very deceiving, at mahirap mag labas ng pera ng basta-basta lalo na kung pinag hirapan mo ito.

 But as an opportunity seeker, I done my homework right -- I background check the person (who became my mentor) and the company. And one morning, I was already doing the business. Sobrang wala akong alam, but I was so eager to learn. I wanted to know how I can earn kahit natutulog. Because I wanted my businesses to run and provide me the income I need while I am busy traveling with my child, or earn kahit natutulog...

Sino ba ang ayaw diba ?

I took the RISK to try that Online Business kasi naniwala ako na lahat ng matutunan ko ay maaply ko sa mga negosyo. Besides, as one saying goes,

"In Taking Risks, You Never Really Lose, You Could Only Either Win or Learn. "

From that decision, na kung saan I have met a few strangers who became my mentors and close friends that made what seemed impossible possible.

I realized nothing is really impossible, especially sa generation natin ngayon where we have advanced technologies, and growing a business has become a lot easier and faster------ only if you get the Know-How Process. Congrats by the way for you have found our page. 

Going back... after I finished the recorded training online, which I did during my free time while sleeping si baby,  all the amazing results started happening. I started earning my 6 digits income in one day just by being home, and while I was busy feeding my child, or busy bathing her. My 80K or my multiple 5 Digits Earnings in One Day has become more constant earnings online rather than seasonal. So surreal at first, but I can truly say that-- Only in trying you would truly know. And only by taking action you would get the results you once dreamed of.


It wasn't an overnight success as I had to go through a process. It's not something like you go to bed one night, and the next morning you're already a millionaire. No! I went through the necessary process and after absorbing all the very easy to follow steps, that is when I achieved what I wanted to achieve. Amazing isn't it?


So from it, I was able to create my own team, and I started to lead Filipinos who were strangers to me at first, but are now like my extended family. My business in both Retail and Travel Business were doing absolutely great after I've learned everything I had to learn  from that company and from my mentor, however, I saw my team being unsure of which Business to do that can help them develop long-term success, and how to apply what they've acquired from our Online Business...  ​I felt responsible! 

So I decided to start sharing and offering the Travel & Tours Franchising Business. Online + Travel Business? A very powerful combination. I started teaching them from Basic to Advance and nakakatuwa kasi sa simula palang ng journey nila in less than a month their initial capital has grown multiple times already and is now continuously growing. 

Basically, Travel & Tours is the first business that made me resign from my full-time job when I was just 25, but bumalik din ako sa pag tratrabaho because of the typhoon Yolanda where everything was wrecked back home, in Leyte. But back then, I already knew with myself the kind of business I want to run for a lifetime, which at a young age made me earn my first 80K pesos in one day, and is the business I wanted to share with others na katulad ko totoong interesado at pursigido. The business opportunity that has LOW RISK and HIGH POTENTIAL in giving positive cash-flow for the long-term.

We got started and is now vastly growing... 

Another saying is-- "Do A Business People Would Thank You For!" , and yes it's my pleasure to be able to come up with A Game-Changer Opportunity, for we are able to combine our proven and tested Saleable and Profitable Products & Services in Travel & Tours with the Online Business, which makes it much more profitable and scalable fast.


And yes, for less than a year, the number of OFWs who are going back to the Philippines for good to be with their loved ones, their family or children, is slowly increasing because of our business and the learnings that we provide inside-- na hindi lang limited to Travel Business, but many other businesses.

Many unemployed Filipinos starting to Run their Home / Online Travel & Tours Business at a very minimal capital.


Many single moms are able to establish a good income flow as they spend time with their children.

Many full-time employed are earning good extra income that will soon pave the way for them to become their own bosses.

In a short span of time, we are humbled to have our company recognized by both National & International Award Bodies, and yes it is our great pride to offer a business opportunity in our now 

Multi-Awarded Company.

I hope I am not taking much of your time....kung totoong interesado ka mahalaga basahin ang buong pahina so you would know if this is something you would like to do as well ... if you are determined to own and run a Real Business that can give you long term success, just as it did to me and to many

Read on...

You know what, I have failed many times, lost so much money in the past.

 I know exactly how it feels to have so little. I know how it feels to try many opportunities and fail.  I know how it feels to be scared when outside of my comfort zone. I know how it feels when someone says "I'm not smart enough." I know how it feels to have not enough time to do what I really want.

At ito rin ang mga kadalasang naririnig kong excuses that stop many from finding a way to live a much worth living life-- a happy, healthy & wealthy life. Some would choose to complain over and over again instead of trying to find a way out.

Ikaw, na try mo na bang mag risk ng maraming beses and failed many times too?​​​​​

Naitanong mo ba sa sarili mo kung bakit kaya nag fail ang mga opportunities na sinubukan mo? Na sagot mo ba yung mga tanong mo? May ginawa ka ba para mabago ito?

Kasi ako, the things I found out that made me fail at the start of my entrepreneurial journey-- One is, 

I only "TRIED" the opportunity, but I really didn't do it. I didn't commit myself to succeed with it so hindi ko nagawa yung mga dapat kung gawin. Second is, wala ring nagturo at nag guide sa akin kung kayat wala rin akong naging motivation. Hindi ko rin nadiskubre ang mga tools and systems na makakatulong sa akin to make me succeed in those opportunities na tri-nay ko. Yes,

I realized all these reasons why I have failed in the past...  

And nasolusyunan ko ito, nakahanap ako ng way na kung saan sumubok ako and I committed myself to succeed with it kasi hindi na ito para sa sariling kapakanan ko , but for my child . I found mentors, hindi lang mentor kundi mentors, kaya't hindi naging impossible to make my dreams a reality now.

If you have experienced failures in the past are you going to stop trying? If you think hindi ka masaya at kuntento sa buhay mo ngayon, wouldn't you make a way to change it, to better it?

Do you know what separates the successful and unsuccessful?


Successful people? They always go out of their way to take risks, to find solutions. And successful people? , they never stop, they keep going until they get to where they want to be.

While unsuccessful people? They stay being sorry for themselves and just convince themselves that they are okay---okay to settle for less than what they know they deserve. They give up too easily. Unsuccessful people, always maraming excuses kesa sa nag hahanap ng paraan.

Now, do you really know what you would like to achieve in life---- for yourself? for your kids? for your family? for your loved ones?  

As you read this, I hope you are slowly identifying "What you would like to achieve?" and "Why you would like to achieve it?".

If it's Time Freedom & Financial Independence you are searching for, I've got a Special Offer...but you have to promise me that you'll be truly committed to your main goal, and NOT Just Try this time--- rather do it! Do it right it successfully lalo na kung sa company namin, because we provide everything you need, training and guidance with a bonus of mentoring, to truly help you achieve the success you deserve!
Wait..... Paano nga ito?

What our franchisees are saying:

"When this opportunity came up and was offered in public, I didn’t think twice! 

"When this opportunity came up and was offered in public, I didn’t think twice! Where in the world you could ever find a company that would give you the ultimate experience of having your own Travel Business plus the chance of earning unlimited income without even going outside your doorsteps? This business package comes up with FREE Support Team and the A-Z training module that makes everything easy to give my own clients the satisfaction of booking their dream vacations. We do not just offer cheap airfares but we offer a world-class quality service that you would want to come back again and again. That doesn’t stop there...Now that I have my own system, my adventure of travelling the world every 3-4 months will be a lot easier than it was before. Joining the Starlegends Adventures Travel & Tours is a great start to becoming your own boss."

Aya Sharel Venture  //  OFW/Teacher from Japan

Do the Job you like and you won't feel that you are working".

"Kasalukuyan po akong nag wowork dito sa Dubai. Laking pasalamat ko po dahil nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makilala si Ms Aiza Molina (Founder/Owner of Starlegends Adventures) at mga fellow affiliates ko ma naging susi para magkaroon ng panibagong opportunity. Matagal na po akong naghahanap ng Part time Online Business at sa wakas nakita ko yung swak na swak passion ko ang "Travel &Tours" dahil hilig ko po ito hindi po ako nagdalawang isip pasukin ang business na ito, nung una naisip ko magagamit ko to on my personal benefits pero habang ine explore ko ang Travel and Tours System, na feel ko na oppsss! unlimited ang pwede mong kitain. Ako nga recently lang ako naging affilate ng Starlegends at kumita ako nga kulang kulang 6k in my Intl booking. Masarap sa pakiramdam na kaya ko palang magpatakbo ng sarili kong negosyo, walang boss, hawak mo ang oras mo, hindi mo kailangan magpatayo ng sarili mong office kasi kahit sa bahay or kahit nag ta travel ka pwede kang mag book ng ticket, hotel, ferry, bus or even mobile loading. . Masarap sa pakiramdam yung may napaligaya kang mga tao. Sabi nga "Do the Job you like and you won't feel that you are working".

Lenlen Villanueva //  OFW and Entrepreneur from Dubai

Here's What Business Experts Says :
 Travel and Tourism Business Is A Trillion Dollar Industry And Growing
It Is Considered As One Of The Few 
Recession-Proof Business

Have you noticed on Facebook and Instagram that more and more of your friends are now traveling compared before?
Tourism is one of the major contributors to the economy of different countries since medieval days.

Do you have an idea of how many millions of people travel around the world every day? Imagine a large number of customers you'll have?

Because in Travel Business, your clients are not limited.

You don't just limit your scope to that KKK (Kapamilya,Kaibigan, Kamag-anak) . We're talking about global business here, where people are the one looking for our Products and Services.  

Imagine someone would be there to teach you the details on how you can do this business smoothly, and dropping the worry of Not-knowing-how?

Imagine discovering the automation world in business, which will make you sell and earn even Without doing the hard selling?  

Imagine learning all the Strategies, Tools, and Systems to even reach .0001% of those Million Travellers every day?  Can you now imagine what it's like to Own a Business in this industry? The industry that never goes out of trend?




Sa panahon ngayon there are also options na available sa mga totoong desidido at pursigido para ma enjoy mo yung mga benefits and to make their dream life a reality.


One option is the Franchising business na kung saan Bibili ka ng isang done for you business system na katulad ng Jollibee or McDonalds Franchise.


-Meroon ng proven and tested system

-May training and standard operation ka na agad.

-May brand ka nang ma le leverage agad

- May Ready Saleable Profitable Products and  Services ka na.

Basically andoon na lahat ng kailangan mo .

Gagamitin mo na lang ang system at susundan mo nalang yung ituturo nila saiyo.


Having a FRANCHISE like Jollibee or McDonalds is a DREAM but sadly not everyone can afford it as you will need over 20 Million PESOS to start.

Many would like to do a Franchising Business but for the usual idea of Franchising comes with Big Capital, but NOT in StarLegends Adventures Travel & Tours.

Normally, to start and set up a Traditional Travel and Tours Business will cost 500,000 pesos or more. You will also need to set up an office and hire staff before you can start.


You Can Start Your Own Home/Online Travel & Tour Business At A Very Minimal Capital

We're a game changer because we are combining Two -Powerful Businesses that are proven to be for long-term--- Travel & Tour Business + Online Business. Something you can pass on to the next generation. Access on:

One-Stop-Shop Booking Portal accessible anytime and anywhere through your mobile/gadget and internet.

 Once you are a member, you can save on your personal travel and at the same time profit from our WORLDWIDE services on

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.55.42 PM.png

-Low-Cost Airline Ticketing (Domestic & International)

-Tour Packages


-Visa Assistance

-Ferries & Bus Transports

-All Network Mobile E-Loading Business in the Philippines

-Bills Payments 

-No Minimum Balance Required

Again, you don't need to contact anyone coz through your gadget & internet, wherever you are and whenever you need you can easily provide the Lowest Quote Possible which can potentially give you big profits, or if it is for your personal travel, then you can easily book yourself and avail the exclusive rate or discount for travel agents or travel business owners like us.

 SATT Dashboard another system for lifetime use, also accessible anytime and anywhere, which contains the following :

-Step by Step Training Online

-Modules & Guidelines

-Live Online Mentoring/Coaching

-Ready Marketing Tools & Materials

-Access to our exclusive group of vigorous & excellent Leaders to help and guide you

-AFFILIATE PROGRAM to Earn Unlimited Commission from 500, 1500, 7500, 50000 up to 1 Million Pesos

-Access to our Incentives of Cash Prize Bonuses & Free Holiday Trips.


- No Stress On Legal Permits (DTI, Brgy Clearance, Mayors Permit,and more..)

- No Overheads Pay

- No Shop Rent

- Small Capital that can multiply multiple times

- Customer Support

Potential Income: 

15,000 Pesos up to 1 Million Pesos a month...


Our PROMO Offer To 

Own Your Home & Online Travel & Tour Business Now!


Save 50-75% from the Original Price



StarLegends Adventures serves you with two main objectives: to promote the country, Philippines, as one of the top of the rank tourist destinations and to provide fellow Filipinos lucrative business opportunities in the travel and tourism industry.

Star Legends Adventures makes this possible by providing an A-Z or step by step training modules as well as direct on-line mentoring whether individually or in groups.


Hear What Are Happy Franchisees Says:

Being part of this New and Big company is a blessing. 

"Isa akong OFW Sa Canada,& An Affiliate of SATT. Being part of this New and Big company is a blessing. I didn’t hesitate to grab this opportunity because as I have learnt, Opportunity may come only once, Grab it Before it's gone! Here, I get to enjoy personally the low cost airfares and tour packages since I am also a Travel Enthusiast, and at the same I am earning from it as I resell it. And to God be the glory for in just a few weeks in this business, even I had no experience in this kind of industry I easily got results, through the help and motivation of the CEO & our Coach, Mam Aiz Molina. I truly learned a lot from her . Nag papasalamat ako kasi now, I continue to EARN EXTRA in my Own Travel Business na never kong inakalang mararating ko. "

ROSIE BUSTARGA //  Midwife & Entrepreneur from Canada

My best decision ever franchising this business.

Nagsimula ako noon from Scratch na Tulad ng marami.Walang alam, underdog, isang housemaid sa Hongkong. But I said to myself, I will get my results and once I have my first result that’s gonna be NONSTOP! And NOW Its Never Ending Results.

I just need to be consistent taking Actions.

Marilou Deleon  //  House & Entreprenuer from Hongkong


Own Your

 Home &  Online Travel & Tour Business Now!


Save 50-75% from the Original Price


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